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PostSubject: too much   too much Icon_minitimeSun Oct 26, 2008 10:15 pm

As Elvis fans we are so lucky to have a love of an entertainer who literally spent his whole life it in the studio..making movies..doing concerts..there is just so much to choose from compared to many other singers of the past and present..
But in doing so his do you think his work as an artist has been diluted because of this???..take the movies...they totally dominate anything he did in the 60's..they are literally known as 'the movie years' albums like Something for Everybody and Pot Luck and From Elvis In Memphis are lost under soundtrack albums. Much is the same of the '70's...the 'concert years'..Great albums like Raised On Rock and Fool...could have been combined to make one fantastic album leaving out some of the weaker tracks from the 2...the same could have been done with Today and Good Times....I know he was legally contracted to do 2 albums a year...and singles on top..but if he could have had a better set up with RCA and Parker actually caring about him..things would have certainly turned out I dont think Elvis ever really felt fulfilled as an artist
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too much
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