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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:29 pm

This is the boring bit - but every forum needs them!


All members will respectful to the memory and legacy of Elvis Presley, his family - and to each other!

Any member who becomes abusive or what the Management consider insulting will be warned a maximum of 3 times,
after which it may be deemed nessesary to ban the member at fault from the forum. Management decisions are final in such cases.

In some instances depending upon severity, an instant and permanent ban will be enforced.


Any items placed up for sale in the relevant section should include a photograph of the actual item or it will be removed.
This is NOT a place to advertise items to abuse the good nature of it's members. IP addresses will be tracked and criminal proceeding implimented if the need arises.
Buyers who enter into any transactions with any members on here do so at their own risk and Admin/Management are not responsible for any losses of grievances that occur. (Although we would assist in providing details to the Police in matters of a criminal nature)


Please do not post any pictures or videos on the forum that you do not own the copyright to or have permission to use.
Where possible if such items are displayed a member of the Management will delete items considered to be infringing copyright without warning.


It is expected that all members fill in Profile details fully and also display a picture of themselves to enable other members to see who they are talking to. This should be an easy thing to do and would expect members to please comply with this request.

This is all to enable the forum to run as smooth as possible, and I know most decent people will behave accordingly anyway - but it has to be put in black and white for those who have other ideas.

Thanks - and Please enjoy the forum!
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